Agriculture, biology, botany, fisheries, livestock and zoology

Our expertise with flora and fauna translations

We have translators with all the necessary experience in the farming and fishery industries’ technical terminology to provide you with a top-quality translation in an easy-to-read text.

For example, any translation we undertake for you in agriculture, livestock management, and botany will be produced from human knowledge – as opposed to inferior artificial translation systems. This means, for instance, that your translator will know when to use common agricultural terms, such as ‘barley’, and when to use scientific terminology – in this case ‘Hordeum vulgare’.

Coupled with our experience of those linguistic terms most appropriate for the type of text you need translated, our team can use the correct wording, whether translating into US or British English. For instance, for most British readers, ‘corn’ can mean both ‘maize’ and ‘wheat’ – differing from the meaning in North America. This is one of the main advantages, of course, in turning to a high-quality translation service. Not only do we understand the right terms to use where flora and fauna are concerned, but we can tailor our texts to meet your given readership’s expectations. After all, a translated scientific paper will likely differ greatly from the text required, for example, for marketing materials.

So, whether you need help with a laid-back biology translation or a tight, precise text on zoology to be translated flawlessly – we can help.

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Quote for a translation

Helle Mogensen
DLA Agro A.m.b.A.
Danish Agro
For a few years now, we have used Fasttranslator for various tasks within our industry, which is grain/feed - in other words agriculture. These have primarily been translations into English + Swedish. The tasks have, among other things, been translation of annual report, job advertisements, articles and much more. Fasttranslator fully lives up to their name - fast response to inquiries and fast delivery of tasks. All in all, an impeccable collaboration.

References and Clients

Below is an overview of some organisations for which we regularly provide translations.