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Legal texts form one of our most common areas of translation. Whether a contract, a power of attorney, a statute, a patent, a court report, or terms and conditions, we have an expert team of legal translators to whom we entrust all our legal translations. Our legal translators have both a professional translation background and excellent knowledge of legal jargon, being either trained lawyers themselves or having completed additional translation training in this field.

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About us

We have been providing accurate, professional legal translations in all subjects and all language combinations since 2001. Our many years of experience enable us to provide top-quality translations which can confidently be used in any international environment. Our vast network of more than 5,000 professional translators is available 24 hours a day to attend to any urgent translation requirements. We work exclusively with translators who are native speakers of the target language, which guarantees translations of the highest quality that contain the correct grammar and terminology.


We are highly committed to discretion, secure data processing, and the handling of all documents with professional care. As the documents we translate are often unpublished or contain strictly personal information, we have taken all possible technical and legal precautions to guarantee confidentiality. Our translators have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and are, therefore, obliged to observe our strict confidentiality requirements. Also, upon request and prior to the actual assignment, we can either sign our customer’s NDAs (limited conditions apply) or present our own signed standard non-disclosure agreement. Large files and highly confidential documents that clients don’t wish to send by email are transferred via our secure server, thereby avoiding public data transfer sites.

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References and Clients

Below is an overview of some organisations for which we regularly provide translations.