Our expertise in Cosmetics, clothing, textiles, fashion and beauty

Clothing and textiles

The rag trade comes with a host of unique terms and linguistic ticks. The language of fashion is constantly evolving to embrace new hues and styles, with the cosmetics industry no different. Each year, it introduces new herbs, chemicals and allopathic cures. Textiles are invented and innovated. Keeping up with the terminology of fashion and beauty is to keep up with trends. That’s where we come in. Our language professionals specialise in cosmetics, clothing and textile translations. Every day, they churn out swaths of gorgeous prose for those companies which are fashionably first.

Lesser businesses have diluted the translation industry by relying on digital tools to translate their text. This leads to grammatical errors, clumsy wording, and mistakes. We use only the finest human translators, so we avoid artificially intelligent tools in favour of intelligent ones.

Translation demands a certain joie de vivre. To wield language well, one must have enormous respect for words; however, that isn’t enough. Every industry is heaving with its own constantly growing vernacular. Translators must become experts not only in language but also in industry. Our workers have long-term experience in their various niches. They have as much passion for fashion and beauty as they do for translation. Their experience with cosmetics, clothing and textiles allows them to find the words you intended to use rather than those that are easiest to throw at your prose.

Where apps and Google tools proliferate, we rise above the digital noise through native language skills. Precision is our duty… and passion is our way of life.