Accurate translation of your curriculum vitae or resume

Your curriculum vitae or resume is your business card whenever you apply for a new position. It’s a company's first impression of you, and it makes the difference between getting the interview and being turned down flat.

Companies often require CVs or resumes in a language different from your own. If it’s a language you don’t know, you need a translation service that you can trust not just to translate your CV or resume word for word … but to translate it so that it will have the appropriate impact on your potential employer.

A translated CV/resume that gets you the job

Yes, you can translate your CV/resume yourself, but are you truly fluent in the written language? If not, you could inadvertently undermine your chances of getting an interview. The translation of your CV/resume simply must be done professionally.

There are plenty of uncertainties to consider when applying for a job. Let us translate your CV/resume so that language use is not one of them!

Why should you choose Fasttranslator?

The language that your CV/resume will be translated into is the translator’s native language. A lot of thought will go into your translation, and the text will be reviewed with a critical and intelligent eye! Company names, personal names, and terms will appear correctly. Your duties and accomplishments will be translated in a way that appeals to the specific targeted reader.

Having your CV/resume translated by us will increase your chances of landing an interview! We are very familiar with the requirements for translating a CV/resume. Our translators are well-versed in translating curricula vitae and cover letters in different language combinations. Check out our prices, and you will see that it is very much worth your while to have your CV/resume and cover letter professionally translated.