High-quality translations for the real estate industry

When you need translations of your real estate documents, a reliable and experienced partner is the key to your success. Pinpoint accuracy and high quality are required for all of your contracts and reports. That’s why we only use native-speaking translators with expertise in the real estate industry and relevant experience in law.

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Pro translators with real estate and law expertise

Reports and contracts must be translated so thoroughly that it’s as if they were created in the source language. This involves more than just translating word for word. It involves knowledge of the terminology and legalities of the real estate field.

Our project managers work closely with both our customers and translators. They choose your translators carefully to make sure they have the knowledge required for the project.

Project managers also oversee the preparation and completion of texts and assist with questions at any time by phone and by email. This ensures that your documents are translated accurately and on time.

Professional support through pinpoint-accurate translations

Intensive, targeted marketing has become an integral part of the real estate industry and includes a number of documents. Sometimes, those documents must be translated into another language.

We have experience translating all types of real estate documents into and from more than 50 languages.

A special feeling for the language of marketing is required for translations. When describing a property, for example, great care must be taken for the description to be not only clear, but effective from a sales perspective.

Our translators have experience in real estate and marketing

We carefully select a translator for you who has the necessary special expertise in the area of marketing and real estate. Of course, the translator is also a professionally trained native speaker in your target language – that’s a given. They know what it takes to hit the perfect tone because they grew up with the target language.

By using only highly educated and experienced translators with subject matter expertise, we can ensure that your documents are high quality and immediately ready for use. See the quality of our services for yourself.

If you want to gain a foothold as a broker in other countries, you need your document forms and property descriptions translated. Call or email our project managers today for a free consultation. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote. Contact us today!

References and Clients

Below is an overview of some organisations for which we regularly provide translations.