High-Quality Financial Translation Services

Since 2001, we have gained a wealth of experience translating financial documents. Every day, we receive analytical reports that require immediate translation into English and other languages. We also translate annual reports on a daily basis.

We specialise in finding the perfect financial translator for the job. This translator should have expertise in the specific financial area you need and be a native speaker of your target language. This way, we save time and money while quickly providing a high-quality translation.

Affordable Financial Translation Services

In 2001, Fasttranslator introduced a dedicated translation service in which a group of qualified specialists works to translate everything from cash flow forecasts to sales reports. Situated in the heart of London, our headquarters is not only in a central hub for finance, but it is also a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf.

We understand that the language used in finance is incredibly precise, so a qualified translation agency is a must. Our financial subdivision has been specially designed to handle all of your financial documents in the most professional manner possible.

Our clients range from entrepreneurs to political figures and executives. We can take care of translating the paperwork for your new vacation home in Tibet, the annual report for your business office in Cairo, or the financial aid papers from your university. No matter what project you need to be translated, you can count on us.

Fasttranslator hires freelance native speakers to work on your order independently. This employment structure ensures two things – that your project gets the individual attention it deserves and that our prices can remain well below the industry average.

Each employee has been carefully screened and tested before being hired. All of our translators sign a non-disclosure agreement, so any confidential information is 100% safe with us. You can also have our offices modify the confidentiality agreement to meet specific conditions and incorporate stricter guidelines for disclosure on your project. We recognise that your financial content is highly sensitive and will treat it accordingly. You can rest assured that your information is in great hands.

Requesting a quote is easier than ever – just give us your name and email and send us the text you want translated. Click the “Instant Quote” button at the top of the page. Submit the form with your information and your document, and select ‘Financial, accounting, economics and investment’ as the required expertise. Within seconds, you will receive a quote for our translation services that is completely free of charge.

We translate financial documents:

  • Accounting information
  • Annual reports and proxy statements
  • Appraisal/valuation paperwork
  • Auditing documents
  • Auditor’s reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank statements
  • Business Plans
  • Cash flow statements
  • Collection letters
  • Commercial lending paperwork
  • Corporate finance documentation
  • Economic Reports
  • Financial articles
  • Financial records
  • Financial reporting guidelines
  • Fintech website content
  • Government tax reports
  • Income statements
  • Insurance-related documents
  • Investment banking documentation
  • Loan documents
  • Mortgages and associated paperwork
  • Paperwork associated with financial transactions
  • Partnership agreements
  • Private and public offerings
  • Prospectuses
  • Real estate documentation
  • Sales brochures for banks and insurance companies
  • SEC-required reports
  • Shareholder information
  • Stock market information
  • Stock option agreements
  • Tax planning documents

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Translation Project Management

The translation of annual reports and statements requires stringent management. An annual report is not a standalone document. It is related to annual reports from prior years. Therefore, it is helpful for our translators to receive previous translations of similar documents. After all, annual reports that you cannot compare to prior years provide insufficient insight into the financial performance of a company.

Not Just Financial Information

Larger companies in the UK are required to disclose financial information on an ongoing basis. Publicly traded companies must file quarterly and annual financial reports with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Companies House. These reports include details about the company’s financial performance, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Additionally, publicly traded companies are required to publish their annual financial reports on their websites, providing transparency to investors and stakeholders.

To gain the trust of your shareholders, business partners, other stakeholders, and the public, you must publish a variety of reports on various aspects of business performance in addition to financial performance. These reports reflect, among other things, performance and accomplishments in the areas of product safety, quality and integrity, marketing and innovation, community support, workplace rights, and environmental protection.

Our Translations Meet the Standards

Our translators are familiar with US and European reporting regulations. They have broad knowledge of US-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), IAS (International Accounting Standards), and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

GRI Translations (Global Reporting Initiative)

GRI is an international independent organisation that helps businesses, governments, and other organisations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues, including but not limited to climate change, human rights, and corruption. GRI provides the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting and disclosure standards that enable businesses, governments, and society as a whole to make better decisions based on information that matters. Today, 93% of the world’s largest 250 corporations issue reports on their sustainability performance.

Our translators are familiar with the terminology and standards that these organisations set so that your financial and sustainability reports are translated accurately.

Translations of IFRS – financial statements according to international law

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of regulations that companies can use to create their annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements. These standards give businesses the advantage of comparing their finances on an international level without having to convert the financial statements of the respective countries into one unified language.

Still, translations of these financial statements are often necessary. We have experience providing accurate and confidential translations of IFRS financial statements into over 150 languages. Our native-speaking translators are familiar with the subject, many with specific training in finance, and will translate the economic terminology into the desired target language with pinpoint precision. Contact us, and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote for your project.

Comparing companies internationally

The IFRS were formed as it became more important for companies to maintain a way of internationally comparing their economic activity in an increasingly global world. Before then, all companies had to abide by their national laws when forming their financial statements. For example, Germany stayed within the framework of the German Commercial Code when creating balance sheets and income statements.

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However, in order to compare themselves with international competitors, companies had to follow complicated procedures to convert foreign financial statements into their own form. In order to get rid of this process, the International Accounting Standards Board adopted the IFRS. All companies that formed their financial statements in accordance with the IFRS could now easily compare themselves with international competitors.

IFRS reporting standards are not for everyone

Upon adopting the IFRS, the European Parliament decided not to make these international guidelines obligatory for all companies but to leave that decision up to the countries. Long story short, not all companies have to form financial statements in accordance with the IFRS. In Germany, for example, the German Commercial Code remains mandatory, but companies can still opt to create additional statements in line with the IFRS. For corporations, the decision regarding IFRS obligation has to do with whether or not the corporation is publicly traded. Corporations oriented in the capital market are obligated to prepare a final statement in accordance with the IFRS, while other corporations may choose to do this.

Professional translations of presentations and newsletters

Does your company need a financial brochure, newsletter, or whole presentation in a different language? In order to get a high-quality translation, your translator’s expertise must be up-to-date in the field of finance, including knowledge of the specific terminology. A layman with language and translation skills does not have the academic training for financial translations.

For the perfect translation of your financial presentations and newsletters, we have available translators from the financial sector who also translate only into their mother tongue.

Fast and high-quality financial translations

If you need your text particularly fast, you can rely on our express service. You will receive your translation very quickly at a fair price without sacrificing quality. Even without the express service, however, we’re known for fast service.

Our experienced project managers will be happy to provide you with a proposed delivery date for your project. Simply upload your document, and our online system will instantly provide a no-obligation quote.