Our experience with translating texts related to mining, oil and gas, geology, forestry, materials and gems

As new technologies emerge, the oil and gas industry is growing worldwide. Beyond traditional locations in Russia and the Middle East, it is expanding to new hot spots around the world. As the industry expands, so does the need to communicate effectively in additional languages. We help you communicate globally to all sectors of the oil and gas industry. As a full-service translation and localisation company, we work in all languages.

We require all our translators and proofreaders to have education, training, and work experience in the oil and gas industry that matches the subject matter they translate. Our ISO-qualified quality system is a guarantee, with a system of checks and balances in place throughout the entire process—from the selection of project managers to the final proofreading of the translated document that your document will be translated professionally.

As well as the aforementioned subjects, we also specialise in geology, gems and other materials. Trust us to translate your texts in any of these areas and you'll soon be reaching a much wider audience.

We often translate documents within this area of expertise, including AutoCAD Drawings, RFPs, Brochures, Service Manuals, Catalogues, Patents, Technical Specifications, Training and User Manuals, Diagnosis Manuals, Production Documents, HSE Reports, Quality Procedures, and Well Reports.