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Catalan is a Romance language, one which is spoken in several parts of Spain, France, and Italy. It is also the official language of the principality of Andorra. Catalan has many similarities with Spanish: like all Romance languages it has its origin in Latin, and it is a member of the Indo-European family, but whereas other languages in Spain have been influenced by Arabic, this is not the case with Catalan, which means that the language has more similarities with Latin than with Spanish. Almost twelve million people speak the language. Although practically all Catalonian people also speak Spanish, it would be sensible for business negotiations to have your documents translated.

Doing business with companies from other countries can be very trying sometimes. One of the biggest difficulties can be the language. Obviously, it is important to know the language of the country or the region in which you intend to do business but, sometimes, several languages are spoken. Spain is a good example. Several languages can be spoken instead of Spanish, depending on the region, and in Catalonia, unsurprisingly, Catalan is spoken. If you want to do business with a company from that region, maybe a design company of which there are many, it’s important that you know just that little bit more about Catalan. We can help you enormously if you want to do business in the region. We can translate your business documents for you or we can provide you with an interpreter, removing the language barrier during business negotiations.

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