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Our team provides translations into and from Czech in every conceivable field of expertise. Whether it’s medical documents, an annual financial report, a marriage certificate, or a marketing strategy, we have the expertise to provide a broad range of Czech translations that are of exceptional quality.

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About the Czech language

About twelve million people around the world can speak and write in Czech. As well as the ten million inhabitants of the Czech Republic itself, there are large numbers of speakers in those areas that border the country, in Slovakia and Austria. There are also a large numbers of speakers of this West Slavic language in the United States and Canada, where many Czech immigrants live.

Czech uses the Latin script, although it does have a number of special marks called diacritics, such as á and ž. Czech grammar is considered to be extremely complicated. Words can be inflected in seven cases, which again differ in the singular and the plural.

A large number of Czechs also speak German and there are a large number of loan words in the language. Just as with a large number of languages around the world, Czech now borrows many words from English. Most people speak obecná čeština, or general Czech. This variant, which is mainly spoken in the region of Bohemia and which contains elements of the Prague dialect, has supplanted most of the other dialects and is now applied as the standard language in education, politics and the media. All of our translations are produced in this variant of Czech, ensuring that they are always readable for everyone who speaks Czech.

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