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Professional translations from and into Dari for all fields

Do you need a reliable, professional translation of your English business or private communications with your partners or contacts in Afghanistan into Dari? Other allegedly "exotic" languages are also not a problem for us. We work with native speakers who have known Dari since childhood and, of course, also have excellent source language skills. However, even the best language skills are of little help if the translator is unable to grasp the meaning of the text due to a lack of specialised knowledge. We have a good solution for this problem: Each of our translators has relevant knowledge in one or more professional areas. He/she understands that area very well and is familiar with its technical terminology. So we can offer you professional translations into Dari of texts in the fields of economics, science, technology, medicine, art, and culture, as well as professionally translated legal documents, computer manuals, and Internet-related articles, among other texts. Regardless of the text, we make sure that the rendition of the content is correct and, the language is free of errors and flows naturally. Try us, pick up the phone today or try our online quote system. We look forward to hearing from you!