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So, if you’re doing business in Finland, you need to have the texts and documents of your English correspondence translated into Finnish by a professional, native-speaking translator.

All of our translators specialise in one or more areas of expertise. Your order will be completed by people who can read and understand your topic without any problem.

Of course, we also translate from Finnish into other languages. For example, if you’re from Finland and have a birth certificate, driver’s license, or other official document, we can translate it into English for you.

About Finnish

The Finnish language belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family and is related to Estonian, Volgic, Ingrian and Hungarian languages. This language’s special feature is its suffixes. There are no prepositions like in the Germanic languages. All location elements are attached to the noun; for example, "ravintolassa" means "in the restaurant". A professional translator must master a language’s special features to adequately translate a text. Therefore, it is important to entrust this duty only to native-speaking translators. We employ these translators so that we can always hand you a quality translation after every job. Write us an email or give us a call and see for yourself. You are also welcome to use the request form to send us the text you would like translated. Afterwards, you will receive a non-binding quote from us as soon as possible.

The language family

The only other Central European language that stems from this family is Hungarian. Elements of location are attached to the ends of nouns in this language, too. Something called vowel harmony plays a big role here as well. If a front vowel is used in the initial syllable, a front vowel is used in the following syllable(s), and the same goes for back vowels. Long words with many syllables are the product of attaching elements of location and possessive pronouns. Yet this sequencing is what lets the listener know what is going on without having to worry about subordinate clauses and intricate decoding.

Suffixes and their significance

In Finnish, subordinate clauses are replaced by special syllables attached to the ends of nouns. Suffix use is the biggest challenge in Finnish grammar. The literary language was based on Swedish and written with the Latin alphabet. In Finnish, time is expressed by the present and three perfect forms. There is no specific future tense. The grammar of the Finnish language was created according to certain rules, making it analysable with mathematical formulas and easy to learn.

Mostly due to the history behind the origin of the Finnish literary language, the Finnish alphabet is identical to that of Swedish. It consists of the 26 letters in the Latin alphabet as well as the special characters à, ä and ö.

Quote for a Finnish translation

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Finnish translation pricing

Our office in Espoo, a subsidiary of Fasttranslator, manages a closely-knit network of highly skilled translators throughout Finland. We only work with qualified translators who are each specialised in a certain subject area. For example, we have financial, medical, legal, technical, and literary translators, to list a few of the most in-demand areas. We have a translator available for every field or industry.

Solid advice

Unlike other translation agencies that manage their operations from virtual offices, Fasttranslator has its own actual offices that you can visit in person. Our office in Espoo is located in the city centre, where it’s easy to reach by car or public transport. You can consult our project managers face-to-face for advice specific to your project.

More than just a database

The advantage of having our own offices in different locations throughout Europe is that our project managers know our translators personally. So, we’re more than just a database where translators are assigned to translation projects at the click of a mouse. We’re aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our translators, as well as their availability.

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