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We have the expertise for the more unusual languages and language variants. Use translation agency Fasttranslator for affordable quality translations into Gaelic.

Gaelic, from the English Gaelic, refers to the Celtic languages Scottish Gaelic in Scotland, Irish in Ireland and the now critically endangered Truedemanx (Manx) on the Isle of Man.

Fasttranslator performs translations to and from various Gaelic language variants. At the bottom of the page you'll find links to examples of the language combinations in which we offer translation services.

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Meaning of the word Gaelic

Irish and Manx are often referred to as Irish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic respectively. These terms are often unnecessary, as the names Irish and Manx/Manx only refer to these languages. The use of the term Irish Gaelic is currently incorrect as the language is recognized as an official language of the EU under the name Irish. This does not apply to Scottish Gaelic. Here you cannot use the term Scottish in the same way. Confusion can easily arise due to the Germanic languages Low Scots and Lallans.

Gaelic translators

We have native Gaelic translators with expertise in various fields. We customize your translation according to geographical area and target audience.

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