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Translations to and from Georgian

Fasttranslator offers high quality Georgian translations in a wide range of subject areas. Our experienced native translators ensure a thorough translation of your text, taking into account linguistic, terminological and geographical considerations.

Translators in Georgia

Native Georgian-speaking translators with expertise in expanding business areas such as tourism and energy mean that we can guarantee the best translations. At low prices and with fast delivery.

Fasttranslator has translators in all time zones, so no matter where your target audience is located or the urgency of your assignment, we can always deliver on time.

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The Georgian language

The Georgian language belongs to the South Caucasian language family and is the largest and most widely spoken Kartvelian language. Georgian is the official language of Georgia, where it is spoken by just under 4 million people, but it also exists as a minority language among emigrant groups in Russia, Turkey and Iran. It is believed that Georgian, as we know it today, evolved into a separate language around 2000 BC, and the famous Georgian literary tradition can be traced back to the 5th century AD.

How much does a translation into Georgian cost?

Our Georgian translators work evenings and weekends. This is made possible by the fact that they live in different time zones, which enables us to deliver quickly.

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