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German Translations by Professional Linguists

Approximately 100 million people speak German as a first language – more native speakers than any other language in the European Union. It’s the official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein and one of the three official languages of Belgium. Dialects of German are also commonly spoken throughout Switzerland and in parts of France and Italy. There are even large German-speaking communities outside of Europe, including 5 million German speakers in the United States.

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Efficient and Experienced German Translators

We work with more than 150 translators around the world, including numerous translators who have mastered the German language. All of our professionals are verified native speakers, so you’re guaranteed to receive your text free of inaccuracies and awkward wording. Their firsthand knowledge of the German culture allows them to adapt your translation to various settings and circumstances.

We also translate from German into English and other languages. If you need a certified translation of your German birth certificate, marriage certificate, or physician’s license, for example, we’re accustomed to such assignments.

Regardless of the size of the project, our turnaround time is impressive. We translate more than 274,000 words per day, and our translators are available to work evenings and weekends when needed. Whether your project is a short official document or a lengthy manual, we guarantee that you will receive it by the specified deadline or sooner.

We assign a project manager to each assignment – someone you can contact at any time with questions or updates.

How Much Does a Translation to German Cost?

The standard rate for human translations from English into German is GBP 0.1135 per word and for machine translations with human post-editing we charge just GBP 0.0751, which is less than the going industry rate. For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words), we may offer significant discounts. A surcharge may apply for urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously.

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How do we differ from other translation services?

Speed! – With over 8,000 translators worldwide, we use time zone management to have your translation ready faster than the competition!

Quality! – With translators who are native in the target language, your document will read like an original.

Expertise! – We know the regional differences! German for the market in Switzerland is not the same as for Austria, for example. French in Belgium differs from French in France or Gabon. We have offices in the U.S. and Europe.

Fair pricing! – Our pricing reflects excellent quality of work. We're not the agency with the lowest price, but with over 3,100 returning customers in 14 countries, we must be doing something right.

Certified Translation of Your Documents

Fasttranslator has translated over 4,000 official documents, including diplomas, tax certificates, and driver’s licenses for private individuals, into German and English. By visiting our Certified Translation Ordering System, you can look up your document, upload a picture of your original, and see the price of a certified translation immediately. After payment, we'll start working on your certified or notarised translation straight away.

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