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Fasttranslator is your local translation partner with Greek expertise. All our Greek translators are native speakers and have expertise in (at least) one subject area. Do you need a medical report translated into Greek? We're looking for a native Greek translator in our freelancer database with medical subject matter expertise! This is how we ensure the quality of our translations, time after time!

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Are you marketing your products on the Greek market? Or would you like the sales contract for your holiday apartment in Greece translated? Whatever the subject, we have a professional translator who can take on your assignment. Fasttranslator has a freelancer database with more than 4,000 native translators available. This means that we can tailor the assignment to your specific needs. We have language and subject expertise in all areas.
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The Greek language

The Greek language is a separate branch of the Indo-European language family. It originated in Greece around 2000 BC and has since undergone a long historical development. Today, Greek is known as the official language of Greece, where it is spoken by over 13 million people. The Greek language reached its peak around 400 BC, when it dominated as a world language throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Since 800 BC, Greek has been written using the Greek alphabet, which derives from an ancient Northwest Semitic alphabet script. The oldest texts date from around 1400 BC, making Greek the Indo-European language with the longest and most continuous writing tradition.

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At Fasttranslator, we focus on keeping costs down without compromising on quality. With our efficient routines and dedicated project managers, anything is possible, and our worldwide network of translators allows us to deliver in record time if it's urgent!

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