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Translations to and from Hebrew

Fasttranslator translates all documents and projects between Norwegian and Hebrew. Our translators specialize in a wide range of fields, so you can rest assured that the translator has the right expertise for your text. We offer tailored solutions and fast delivery if required, ensuring that you as a customer are always satisfied with the result.

Hebrew translation

Need help with your Hebrew translation? Then you've come to the right place. We have professional Hebrew translators available with expertise in most subject areas. With more than 4,000 native translators in our freelancer database, we're sure to find the right one for your assignment. Fasttranslator translates into all languages and in all subject areas.

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Thousands of reports for ICHEIC

Our Hebrew translators have extensive experience. For one of our regular clients ICHEIC, the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (, we translated several thousand reports, letters and other general texts into Hebrew. These were mainly financial and legal documents, but also texts of a very personal and confidential nature. Use us for all your translations to/from Hebrew and we'll make sure you get a quality translation, fast delivery and affordable prices!

The Hebrew language

This language dates back more than 4,000 years and has undergone countless reforms over the years, both in written and spoken form. Hebrew is listed under the Semitic language group, which in turn falls under Afro-Asiatic languages. For a long time it was only considered a written language, but Hebrew is now on a par with Arabic as an official language in Israel. So-called biblical Hebrew is not currently used in either spoken or written form. This does not preclude the need for translation of texts written in this form, or any of the other forms of Hebrew up to the current official form. Fasttranslator has qualified translators all over the world, so no assignment is too challenging for us!

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