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Translations into and out of Hindi

Fasttranslator only works with professional and qualified translators. We also select just the right specialist for every project; the translator who has the greatest level of expertise in the subject. This allows us to meet the most diverse of translation requirements, whether it is the translation of a book, a contract, newspaper articles, annual reports, instructions, or daily correspondence with your partner in India.

Translations in India

Although English is one of the official languages in India and is widely accepted, it is still necessary to get certain documents translated into, and out of, Hindi. At the same time however, while Hindi and English are the two main official languages, many hundreds of other languages and dialects are spoken in India. Our project managers work with translators who come from India, people who not only speak the language but who understand the culture.

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The land of opportunity

India has a local market of more than a billion people. The Indian government has invested a lot in education and has established centres of expertise with the emphasis on technical development and IT. The Indian middle class is growing quickly and the consumer market is becoming increasingly attractive: the demand for luxury goods is growing. India is also an important exporting country for many businesses in the Western economies.

The demand for products and services which are being offered by Indian countries is increasing greatly. American multinationals have already established their back offices in India and many companies have production facilities there. Clothing, car parts, and computer chips are produced in huge quantities in India. That is not only attractive for large companies, medium and smaller companies could also benefit from the production facilities in India. In order to organise this well and to avoid misunderstandings, the demand for professional translations has increased significantly. For specialist documents such as employment contracts and manuals, it is advisable to use an expert translator instead of an employee who just happens to speak both languages, which can mean mistakes and negative consequences.

When do you need a translation in India?

Hindi is used by the national government in India, along with most of the regional and local government authorities. A translation into Hindi is essential for applying for work permits, arranging employment contracts, and with other documents which are required by government, but also when Indian employees have to work with Western machines or clothes patterns, or when you want to sell your products on the Indian consumer market, when you have to convert instructions and labels into Hindi.

Our translation agency’s services

In the legal and para-legal field, we translate work permits, employment contracts, terms and conditions, and patent applications. With regard to commercial documents, we translate brochures, websites, import and export papers, quotations, and contracts. If you need operating instructions, medicinal leaflets, or technical project descriptions for your research methods, you have come to the right place. Wherever you are in the world, even if it’s in India itself, you have fast access to your documents and expert translators because we offer our translation services via the internet.

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