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Igbo - a small but influential language

The Igbo language is spoken in Nigeria and is currently the mother tongue of approximately 30 million people. It is primarily spoken by the Igbo people. Some of the first works published in Igbo had connections to the Christian church, as missionaries used Igbo expressions in their works. Moreover, it was through the church, in the early 1900s, that Igbo got its own standard variety. Nevertheless, there are still many local dialects of Igbo. It is primarily in the standard variant that we see words borrowed from other languages.

We work with freelance translators from Nigeria whose mother tongue is Igbo. They are very familiar with the different dialects, even though they mainly use the standard version. We make sure that your translation is adapted to the intended target group.

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Tonal language

Igbo is what we call a tonal language, which means that many words can mean different things depending on the pitch at which they are pronounced. In other words, they're spelled the same and pronounced almost the same, but the meaning varies based on differences in pitch. The word akwa, for example, can either mean cry, bed or egg depending on the pitch. In writing, this is usually not marked with accent marks, as the meaning will emerge from the context.

Igbo in writing

Throughout history, Igbo has had different writing systems, but today the language is written in Latin letters. The most common sentence structure is subject - verb - object, which is the same structure we have in Norwegian. Unlike Norwegian, adjectives in Igbo are a very limited word class. This means that new adjectives are rarely added and the number that already exist is limited.

In Igbo, the correct use of proverbs is considered very important. Being able to integrate proverbs smoothly into your writing is a sign of mastery of the language. At our translation agency, we only work with translators who are native speakers of the target language. Our translators have also completed in-depth studies of the source language, so you can be sure that their language skills are of a high standard.

Hand-picked translators

Whether you need a brochure, newsletter or website translated, we assign the job to a carefully selected translator. We look at who is best suited to the type of translation in question. It needs to be someone who writes well and has copywriting experience.

Translations of business agreements and other official documents will often require a legal translator. We have that too! The demand for legal translations in Nigeria is high and we have translated many different types of agreements.

Direct translations to Igbo

We offer direct translations from Norwegian to Igbo and from Igbo to Norwegian. This means that we translate directly between the languages without going through English. This saves you as a customer both time and money!

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