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Translations to and from Indonesian

Fasttranslator translates between English and Indonesian for both businesses and individuals. Our professional translators have extensive experience in their fields, so you can always be sure of the result. No assignment is too small or too big - we always find a solution that suits you!

Translators in Indonesia

We guarantee the highest possible standard for your text translations. We take great care to ensure that the translator assigned to your project meets our requirements.

Their native language, education and previous experience must be compatible with the text content. The text must be processed in such a way that it reflects the feeling of the language as authentically as possible.

With over 300 different ethnic groups, there are naturally linguistic variations. We take this into account when we translate, and we have the expertise that many other translation agencies lack.

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The Indonesian language

Indonesian, or "Bahasa Indonesia" as it is actually called, is an Austronesian language and the national language of Indonesia. It is almost identical to the Malay language, which is spoken in Malaysia, but the language was formalized after Indonesia won its independence from the Netherlands in 1945. Today, around 40 million people speak Indonesian as their mother tongue, but as it is used in the education system it is also used as a foreign language by another 200 million people. Indonesian, which still contains some Dutch loanwords, is written in the Latin alphabet and there is little distinction between pronunciation and spelling.

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