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Translations to and from Kazakh

Fasttranslator works with professional translators who translate between Norwegian and Kazakh. All of them are specialized in their field, whether it's law, finance or medicine. That's why no text is too challenging for us.

Locally adapted translations

Most of Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, but the northwestern part, west of the Urals, is considered part of Europe.

The country has an almost seven-mile-long border with Russia in the north. Other neighbouring countries are: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and to the east China.

Fasttranslator has the knowledge of the neighboring language varieties and offers localized translations to and from Kazakh.

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Russian and Kazakh translators

Kazakhstan has two official languages: Russian and Kazakh, with Russian being the larger of the two. We have access to a large number of translators in different regions and Fasttranslator can provide translations to and from both languages.

The translator who processes your text into Kazakh has:

- a native speaker of the target language

- relevant education in relation to the text content

- previous experience in your subject area

- language-cultural insight (reduces the risk of misunderstandings)

- duty of confidentiality

We provide our services to individuals, large organizations and government agencies. It doesn't matter whether it's small texts or more complicated documents. We take on all types of assignments and always choose a translator based on expertise and compatibility.

The Kazakh language

Kazakhstan has two official languages: Russian and Kazakh. The latter is the mother tongue of over 21 million Kazakhstanis nationally, but it also extends beyond national borders. Over one and a half million people in countries such as China, Iran, Turkey and Mongolia also speak Kazakh. Kazakh is a Turkic language, but both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets are used in writing. The Cyrillic alphabet is now the official form of writing, but since 1990 there has been a focus on returning to the Latin alphabet. Different alphabets and two official languages within national borders present challenges if you need translation to and/or from this language, but don't worry; we at Fasttranslator can help you with this.