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Translations to and from Kurdish

Fasttranslator has long been a highly preferred translation agency for translations between English, German, French Spanish and Kurdish. We have many native Kurdish translators in a number of relevant subject areas.

Kurdish dialects

Kurdish is the official language of Kurdistan and Iraq, and an established world language. The language belongs to the Iranian group of languages spoken by around 85 million people around the world.

In Kurdistan, the language is divided into two main dialects:

- Kurmanji, which is spoken in the north and west.

- Sorani which is spoken in the south and east

- The two Kurdish dialects in turn have sub-dialects:

- Bahdini and Zaza belong to Kurmanji.

- Gorani and Feyli (Kermanshahi)

belong to Sorani

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Kurdish dialect translators

Fasttranslator translation agency guarantees you a Kurdish translation of the absolute best quality. We have the dialect knowledge required for correct word processing of language and technical terminology.

For us, it goes without saying that the translator has:

- Native speaker of the target language

- Very good and documented knowledge of the source language

- Relevant education/experience within the relevant subject area.

Sorani and Kurmanji - localization

We have translators who can translate your texts to and from the Kurdish dialects. We know that it is important to assess the text according to target group, country and language variant.

The original text should always be as similar as possible to the source text and reflect the same feeling as the source language. Translating texts with regard to dialect and other local influences is called localization. This is why we have been so successful in the market. We can do this!

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