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Fasttranslator has been offering affordable translations between Norwegian and Latvian for years. Our skilled translators are all specialized in one or more subject areas. This way, we can always ensure that we have exactly the expertise you're looking for and that the process is quick and efficient.

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Fasttranslator is your local translation agency with Latvian expertise. For translations into Latvian, we only use native Latvian translators. These translators have expertise in most subject areas.

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Fasttranslator has more than 4000 professional native translators in its database. We also have a large network of experienced Latvian translators. They have subject matter expertise in law, finance, HR, marketing, medicine and technology, to name a few. This means that we can tailor your assignment. But that's not all, we translate quickly and affordably.

The Latvian language

Latvian is the official language of Latvia, where it is spoken by around one and a half million people. In addition, it is used by around 100,000 people in other European countries and as one of the official languages of the European Union. Lithuanian is the language most similar to Latvian, but the languages are not considered mutually intelligible. Latvian and Lithuanian, along with the extinct Old Prussian, make up the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family. Latvian has two grammatical genders, two numerical forms (singular and plural) and seven cases for the conjugation of nouns. Latvian has three different dialects; Central Latvian, Tamil and High Latvian. The Tamil dialects are influenced to a greater extent than the others by the Finno-Ugric neighborhood, especially by the now almost extinct Livonian language. The standard Latvian language is based on the Central Latvian dialect.