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We work with professional translators who are native speakers of Lithuanian. This is how we guarantee the quality of the translation. We also take account of the subject matter at hand, of course. After a thorough analysis, your project manager will select the right specialist so that you receive a translation that you can use immediately.

Lithuanian: a very special language

Alongside Latvian, Lithuanian is one of the two extant languages of the Baltic language family. In particular, this language group’s grammar has a strong similarity to Sanskrit. In the eighteenth century, Lithuania was occupied by Russia and the native language was banned from schools and teaching. During this period, Lithuanians in German-controlled East Prussia kept the language alive. Lithuanian is now the official language of the country and is spoken by 3.5 million people worldwide.

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Doing business with Lithuanians

A good many international companies do business in Lithuania. The working population is well educated and the country has a good, extensive infrastructure. A large amount of foreign investment has gone into back offices and production facilities that are related to IT and the medical sectors. Many Lithuanians also speak Russian and English. Lithuanian transport companies are often employed to carry goods between eastern and western Europe.


Our agency specialises in translating from and into Lithuanian. We work with a pool of professional translators who, as well as dealing with general documents, provide industry-specific translations in, for example, technical, medical, and legal fields. To request a no-obligation quotation immediately, you can upload your files to our automated quote module. Once you are happy with the price, we’ll start working on your text for you. Our project managers look forward to hearing from you.

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