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Translations into Macedonian

Our agency only works with professional and qualified Macedonian translators. Our translations are not only competitively priced, but of a high quality. Our translators are native speakers, working in many different specialist fields and they can meet practically any translation requirements, whether it is a book, contract, newspaper article, annual report, instructions or daily correspondence with your partner in Macedonia.

Professional Macedonian translators

We will gladly help you with your daily communication with your Macedonian employees, partners and clients and translate your business correspondence, lists of services, instructions and contracts professionally. Our agency has a suitable translator available for every sort of translation out of, and into, Macedonian. We use qualified translators with several years’ experience to guarantee a consistent high quality.

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Macedonian is, of course, the official language of Macedonia. It is a South Slavic language that is closely related to Bulgarian. It is not only spoken in Macedonia but in parts of Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. A total of two million people speak the language. Macedonian is written in a form of the Cyrillic alphabet.