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If you want to do business abroad, it’s always a good idea to have a good command of the language. Communication can be difficult if you don’t understand each other. A lack of language skills can be a significant obstacle to building relationships. If you want to do business in Mongolia, for instance, the language will be a major challenge. Luckily, our translation agency can be of service to you. We have just the right contacts and extensive experience in the translation of, among other things, commercial documents into, and out of, Mongolian. Get in touch with us if you would like more information or to ask for a no-obligation quotation.

If you are going to be doing business in Mongolia, it is useful to have your documents in Mongolian. Our translation agency can offer you an excellent service in this respect, based on our years of experience and the expertise of our experienced translators. Get in touch with one of our project managers for more information or ask now for a no obligation quotation. You can do this by sending your document to us by e-mail or by completing the quotation form. You'll then immediately see pricing and deadline options for your translation.

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The Mongolian language

There are various dialects of Mongolian and the language is spoken in several countries. Six million people speak the language, spread across China, Kirgizia, Russia and, of course, Mongolia. It is the native language of most of the population of Mongolia. Mongolian is a member of the Mongolic family of languages which are spoken in East Central Asia.

The language has been written in various alphabets over the centuries, mainly because of the influence of Russian and Chinese. The Mongolian alphabet was created in the twelfth century but it has since undergone a number of significant transformations. Strangely enough, the Mongolian alphabet isn’t used in Mongolia, although words and sentences in this alphabet are used on things like government buildings and bank notes. The Mongolian alphabet is used in China however, making it the only country that used the alphabet instead of the Cyrillic alphabet. Mongolia itself uses 1941 an adapted Cyrillic alphabet based on Russian and Mongolian which, apart from a couple of exceptions, is very similar to the Russian alphabet.