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Persian (Farsi) Translations

Our team provides translations into and from Persian in practically every field of expertise, and we only work with native-speakers. Our translators have years of experience in translating in various fields such as, for instance, books, contracts, newspaper articles, annual reports, instructions, and terms and conditions. Each translator specialises in a particular field of expertise. Our project managers analyse your text carefully and match it with the best translator for the best result.

Even if two languages have little in common except for the proto-language from which they originate, speakers of those languages still often come into contact with each other. English and Persian is such a combination. Both languages have their origins in Indo-European but they divided so early on from each other at such an early stage that they have little else in common. Nevertheless, speakers of the languages often meet. In such cases, translations can certainly be of great help, and we would be happy to assist.

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Persian, also known as Farsi or Dari, is an official language in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. It is also spoken in Bahrain and Uzbekistan. There are 75 million native-speakers and 120 million speakers in total. The language has a rich history, and it has been influenced in each country by the other languages which are spoken there. Translators not only have to deal with Persian, but with the right variant of Persian. This is an area in which we will be happy to help you. Feel free to seek a consultation with one of our project managers about the best choice for your project.

Specialist, experienced translators

We only work with experienced native speakers. That sounds logical perhaps, but it is very important to make sure that your document is translated in accordance with the precise rules and nuances of the precise variant of the Persian language you need. We also only work with translators who have several years of experience in the field of translation. Furthermore, almost all of our translators specialise in a specific field of expertise. There are translators who only translate literary texts, but there are also translators who are at home in the legal, financial, or technical worlds. This not only ensures better texts in the target language, it also guarantees that the turnaround time is shorter. When a translator is familiar with the material, they can translate it faster. Whatever your field, always has a translator who specialises in it.