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All variants of Portuguese are easily understandable when spoken. This allows for easy oral communication at the international level. Portuguese does, however, have strong geographical differences in written communication. European/African Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese especially differ in terminology and syntax.

When communicating with Portuguese-speaking countries, care must be taken to use the appropriate language version. In African countries, European Portuguese is preferred in written communication. The Portuguese language is the official language of Angola and the most widely spoken language in Mozambique. According to studies by UNESCO, Portuguese is expected to spread even further across the African continent.

Translators from any language into Portuguese must have a firm grasp of the differences in terminology between European and Brazilian Portuguese, especially for translations in the areas of finance, technology, law, and science. Translations for communication with Brazil require a totally different style and terminology when contrasted with Europe or Africa.

We always choose the right translator for your translation based on their language speciality, as well as their subject matter expertise.

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