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Our native-tongue translators are familiar with the unique aspects of the Serbian language and can translate your document reliably and with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to their academic training, our translators also possess relevant expertise in various subject areas. We have translators with expertise in technology, marketing, law, medicine, and many other fields/industries.

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Serbian grammar is similar to Russian and Bulgarian, and by emphasising the same sentence in a different way, it’s possible for the sentence to take on an entirely different meaning. other words, Serbian can be a complicated language!

But when you need help with Serbian, we’re here. We’re happy to take on the responsibility of accurately translating your documents, whether you need a medical journal or an operating manual translated into Serbian, or you need a Serbian birth certificate translated into English and certified for an immigration agency, we have the perfect translator for your project.

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The Serbian Language

The Serbian language is a member of the Indo-European languages and is spoken by roughly 12 million people. It’s the official language in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia, as well as parts of Greece and Croatia. It’s also a recognised minority language in Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary. In the Serbian language, both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets are used. Serbian is so closely related to Bosnian and Croatian in vocabulary and pronunciation that Serbs, Bosnians, and Croatians are able to understand each other with no issues. Use of the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet is dependent upon the geographical region and the kind of text. Cyrillic script is mostly used for traditional and religious subjects, while modern texts are usually written in Latin. Some newspapers will even have side by side text in Cyrillic and Latin letters.

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