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The Slovak translation agency

If you need a translation into, or out of, Slovak, our project managers can provide a quality document in no time at all. We work closely with highly-qualified translators, all of whom are graduates which is something that guarantees high quality translations. We have a large number of translators on our books so there is always a translator available for your document, so that we can provide you with a quality translation in a short period of time. Our project managers are ready and waiting to help you. If you would like to try our service, send us your document by email for a no-obligation quotation.

The professional Slovak translation agency

When you are looking for professional translations into, and out of, Slovak, you can depend upon our specialists. Our team of translators consists of professionals who specialise in the various branches of industrial translation. We have a great deal of experience of translating instructions and ingredients into various languages but can also cover fields such as documentation for a factory, ISO manuals, and other paperwork, all of which is professionally and expertly translated by us into Slovak. If you do a lot of business with Slovakia and you want a brochure, website, presentation, or your terms and conditions translated into Slovak, these documents and materials are translated fast and expertly by us.

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About Slovakia

Slovak is, of course, the official language of Slovakia. It belongs to the Slavic family of languages and it is principally spoken in the old Slavonic regions. Not only is it spoken in Slovakia, but also in parts of Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, and the Czech Republic. Slovakia is an independent country and a full member of the EU. The country is dependent upon trade with other European countries. The River Danube which flows through Slovakia is responsible for a good trade route from the capital, Bratislava. Many Western European companies have set up their production facilities in Slovakia, and the motor and furniture industries are particularly well represented.

Our experience with the Slovak language

One of our specialities is translations out of Slovak and into English, and out of English and into Slovak. Our professional translators speak and write in Slovak as experts. Because they themselves come from Slovakia, they not only have a command of the language but also a detailed knowledge of the culture. As well as general translation services and the provision of Slovak interpreters, our translation agency can also supply sworn translations into and out of Slovak.

Highly qualified translators

We can provide you with translations in all areas of expertise because we have a very large number of specialist translators on our files. We have legal, medical, technical, and commercial translators, for example, ensuring that we always have a translator who matches your document perfectly. We also work with translators who are native speakers of Slovak. It is an approach which means that you can be assured of a high quality translation.

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DLA Agro A.m.b.A.
Danish Agro
For a few years now, we have used Fasttranslator for various tasks within our industry, which is grain/feed - in other words agriculture. These have primarily been translations into English + Swedish. The tasks have, among other things, been translation of annual report, job advertisements, articles and much more. Fasttranslator fully lives up to their name - fast response to inquiries and fast delivery of tasks. All in all, an impeccable collaboration.

All of our translation services are principally provided via the internet and using email so that you have fast international access to our staff and your translations.

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