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Slovenian translation agency

We offer translations from and into Slovenian in all sorts of fields. We have a team of translators who only translate into their native language and who have years of experience in areas such as, for example, marketing texts, manuals, or press releases, or translating art, culture, sport, or science. These translators are carefully selected and they possess the relevant diplomas. Our technical translators often have experience in industry, complementing their language skills with professional expertise.

Extensive network of Slovenian translators

All ‘fast translators’ satisfy the requirements for professional translators, ensuring the high quality of standards in the translations you receive. Thanks to our extensive network, we can always find just the right translator for you, someone who is also fast. We offer quality translations with a short turnaround for a convincing price.

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Slovenian language

All our translators are native-speakers of the target language. Only using translators who speak Slovenian as their first language means that all your documents are expertly translated. Our translators also understand the culture into which they are translating. Slovenian belongs to the Slavic language family and is the official language of Slovenia. Despite the fact that many people in Slovenia speak good levels of English, it is advisable for foreign companies to arrange for contracts and business plans in Slovenian.

Slovenia as a destination

Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 2004. International companies like doing business in Slovenia because the country is an ideal base for trade with countries in the Balkans. Slovenia is a modern country with a central location, accessibility, and a modern infrastructure. Foreign investors focus on tourism, IT, and production plants.

The Slovenian translation agency

We have a great many translators on our books who translate specific kinds of documents out of English and into Slovenian. We also translate Slovenian documents into English or other languages, of course. Please get in touch for more information or to request a no-obligation quotation. One of our project managers will respond to you as soon as possible.

Marcel Vlietstra
We regularly use Fasttranslator for the translation of our SAAS solutions in the field of medical information systems and clinical trial reporting. They are the only translation agency that offers different prices for different delivery times and quality levels. This gives us flexibility towards our clients.

A large number of car parts are produced in Slovenia for the Western European market, for instance. Slovenians are very easy-going. They have always done business with Austrians and Italians so their business culture is comparable with that of Western Europe.