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Welsh or Cymraeg is spoken by approximately 750,000 people, not all of them in Wales. Although is it a language that is spoken by a minority, it is recognised by the European Union and it can help to reinforce and pursue relationships when used in business. We will be happy to help you with translation services concerning Welsh.

The history of Welsh

Welsh belong to the Celtic language family. The Celtic language family itself belongs to the Indo-European group of languages which also include the Germanic and Romance languages. The Celtic languages are often divided into two groups: P-Celtic and Q-Celtic. Welsh belong in the P-Celtic group along with Breton and Cornish.

The oldest texts in Welsh date back to the sixth century, but there is little left of this form, which is known as Old Welsh. Welsh literature, which includes the Mabinogion, was written in Middle Welsh and which dates back to the twelfth century.

Latter-day Welsh, which is also known as Late Modern Welsh, has been maintained since 1568, which is when the Bible was translated into Welsh. An adapted Latin alphabet is used for writing Welsh.

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Contemporary Welsh

There has been a strong increase in the use of Welsh in recent years. Welsh is spoken by a large percentage of the inhabitants of the countryside, and its survival is partly due to the fact that children are taught in Welsh at school. The language has also had a co-official status in the EU since 2008, so that people have the right to address public bodies in the language. There are also Welsh-speaking communities in Argentina, Scotland, England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.