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There are several different forms of business entities in Argentina that resemble businesses in the U.S. Most foreign business owners opt to establish either a public limited company or a limited liability company.

One is relatively free when it comes to naming the newly founded company, with the ability to choose a name in Spanish or even a name in another language. However, some name additions, such as “Argentinia” or “de Argentinia,” are subject to special conditions. We recommend that you reserve the company’s name in the Argentinian register of companies before its actual establishment.

All documents necessary for establishing a company must be translated into Spanish and notarized. Of course, notarized translations into Spanish (or from Spanish) are no problem for us. We work with professional translators who live in the country of the target language and guarantee 100% accurate translations with the highest quality.

Being well-prepared is the name of the game

It isn’t always easy for foreign firms to have the necessary patience when dealing with certain aspects of the Argentine market. Increased customs regulations in particular make staying in the country difficult. Companies complain that goods get hung up in customs for up to ten days, which complicates trade significantly. In addition to these customs regulations, heavy inflation and the black market in Argentina tamper with foreign firms.

The Argentine peso has undergone massive depreciation. All the same, the most common reason for the failure of a business is inadequate preparation on the front end. To ensure that you feel secure and prepared, we will support you by professionally translating all of your documents.

Professional translations that will grow your business

Whether you need translations of contracts, financial statements, safety data sheets, or instruction manuals, we’re the perfect partner for you. Our translators are not only trained in translation, but are also experts in a particular field. With a large network of translators, we can locate an experienced translator in your industry.

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