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What are CAT tools?

A CAT tool (computer-assisted translation tool) is a computer program that supports the translation process and makes it less difficult. With this tool, a text is divided into individual segments and saved along with the translation. The original document and the translation then form a translation unit. An important feature of CAT tools is the Translation Memory, or translation storing. Thus, the translation units can be retrieved and used at any time by other translators, for example. Using this process, workload and time can be reduced, which in turn positively affects costs. In addition, the production of consistent translations is made exceedingly simpler.

Use of CAT tools by the translation service Fasttranslator

The translation agency Fasttranslator has already been working with CAT tools, such as Trados, Across, or Déjà Vu, for many years. The use of CAT tools ultimately leads to our ability to offer our customers’ professional handling of different file formats as well as terminological consistency at competitive prices. The Fasttranslator team is regularly trained and knows how to apply the latest versions of CAT tools efficiently.

In addition to this, we are a member of Tekom. This way, we are always up-to-date and well-informed about developments in the translation industry.


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