Case Study: Intelligent Use of Terminology in Pallet Robot Software Localization

Erwin Vroom interacts with technical translations on a daily basis. He is an experienced project manager who is responsible for all the projects from one of our clients in the pallet industry. The company makes robots that are used for loading and unloading pallets. These robots are controlled by special software.

Our task was to translate the terminology associated with these software controls. We received an Excel list with highly technical terms specific to the pallet industry. The client did not provide context for the terminology. We had to translate the terms from English into Dutch, Russian, Polish, and French.

The technical language was too challenging for other translation agencies

Just like any other technical field, the pallet industry also has its own terms that a layman doesn’t necessarily understand. After several attempts with other translation agencies, the client finally came to us. The company was looking for an agency that would be able to provide translations using the correct technical language.

Small palett robot

Pallet robots are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

We put together a team of experienced technical translators who created a translation memory (TM) for our client

Translation memories are reusable terminology databases that save time and money. They ensure consistent use of terminology throughout different translation projects. TM’s can be bilingual or multilingual. Once created, they can be reused and updated with every new translation project.

By creating and reusing terminology databases, we were able to assist our client in selling its machines on the German market. We also created TM’s for pallet industry terminology in languages of limited dispersion, such as Dutch.

Erwin Vroom has many years of experience not only in the field of translation and project management, but also in the retail industry. This is where he had to deal with the automated loading of pallets on a daily basis. Thanks to his interest in technology and his educational background in microelectronics, he speaks the technical language and understands how pallet robots work. A full-time team of project managers helps him deal with requests for translations in the pallet industry sector.


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