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Fasttranslator has a special department in charge of medical translation projects. We also have lots of experience in translating for the medical sector, including clinical research findings. In fact, we translate medical documents on a daily basis.

One of our medical translation projects involves a collaboration between Duke Clinical Research in the US and Clinical Research Services in Germany for a clinical trial that tracks a big group of people. Doctors in a large number of hospitals and other medical institutions are continuously conducting research and writing reports during this process.

All of these reports must be translated very carefully in order to gain approval for a drug. The role of our agency consists of receiving the reports via fax and accurately translating them from Czech, Polish, Slovenian, German, and Hungarian into English. These translations are also provided with an electronic certificate of accuracy containing the translator’s signature. These documents all form a part of the procedure used for gaining approval for a new drug.

Each day that the launch of a new drug is delayed results in enormous costs, so our medical translation department focuses on a quick turnaround time for these translation projects.

In addition to these large, long-term medical projects, we also translate the informational leaflets included with medications and medical equipment manuals. We have Spanish, German, French, Italian, Scandinavian language (and just about any other language you can think of) translators who are specialized in medical translation. These professionals generally have a medical background in addition to their translation training.

Below is a selection of documents with which we have proven translation experience:

  • Consent forms
  • Catheterization reports
  • Death certificates
  • Medical referral letters
  • Medical information leaflets
  • Software for medical equipment
  • Questionnaires
  • Research reports
  • Patient information
  • Study materials and presentations

One of our senior project managers will be happy to answer all your questions about medical translation. Just call us or send your text directly by e-mail for a no-obligation quote. Please specify the desired delivery time and the target language(s).


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