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The Netherlands is a small country in the EU whose inhabitants speak often both English and German. However, many Dutch people have not mastered these languages to the point of being able to formulate complex technical texts and therefore still write in Dutch. For these texts to be translated into Korean, especially in a business context, a professional translator is urgently required. By cutting costs at the wrong points, you do run the risk of being liable in the future for errors in contracts or manuals. For this reason, we exclusively employ native-speaking translators who translate your texts precisely and flawlessly from Dutch into Korean. See for yourself and send us the text you would like translated via email or via the request form. We will analyze your text based on word count and repeated business and then present you with an obligation-free quote.

Native speakers with expertise

The best translators will always be native speakers. However, native speakers are no longer sufficient for complex translations. Therefore, we employ translators with expertise in various fields such as economics, PR, marketing, medicine, and law. Only a translator who understands the text content can translate it perfectly.

We’re faster

What is the distinguishing characteristic of efficient communications? Along with the correct content, the communication pace is also decisive. This is crucial if you want to win over customers and business partners. If your competitors submit their offers faster, you might already be out of the race. Therefore, we offer a very high translation speed alongside flawless translations. The text quality and speed with which you can present the content are the key points and you cannot spare any expenses. If there is a time that your translations must go especially fast, just use our Express service. In this case, a team of translators is formed that can translate even very large projects together. Consult with us today, we look forward to your call!


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