Accurate English-Farsi Translations (and vice versa)

Are you looking for a translator for text from English to Farsi? Our native-speaking translators work quickly, reliably, and according to your specifications. We are the perfect partner for translations from English into Farsi and vice versa, as well as numerous other languages.

Fast and Discreet

Because some of our clients come to us with sensitive or unreleased information, including personal letters, we use the latest technology to keep all of our data private. Every translator signs a non-disclosure agreement, so your documents are safe with us.

In addition to regular translations, we also offer quick and efficient delivery of rush translations. In these cases, we assign your text to several of our most capable and experienced translators to guarantee the fastest possible translation. Information about our regular and rush rates is availablehere.

Professionals for different areas

Regardless of your area of specialization, we have qualified translators for each project. We work exclusively with native speakers with academic training in translation and relevant expertise in different areas. Thus, lawyers and doctors, as well as marketing specialists and technology experts, translate for us from English to Farsi and Farsi to English.

They have the necessary qualifications to not only provide a linguistically correct translation, but also to render the content in the target language’s professional jargon.

This is true for business documents, as well as certified translations of official documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and the like. These are often translated from Farsi into English and are accepted by governmental bodies, such as the USCIS.

All you need to do is send us the text for translation by email or complete the quote request form, and you will receive a no cost and no obligation quote. In the case of birth certificates or licenses, you can send us a scan of the document.

We will be happy to offer you a personalized consultation and a free, no-obligation quote via our form, phone, or email.


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