What Is a TM?

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TM stands for translation memory. A source text and its corresponding translation are stored as language-pairs, or translation units, in a database at Fasttranslator.com.

Translation units are saved in the TM and used again during the translation process. When using a TM, the texts of future translations can be compared with the content already in the TM.

Then, while translating, the translator sees suggestions of identical or similar translated text segments. The system categorizes the relevancy of the translation units stored by assigning them a percentage showing how identical or similar they are to the text segment to be translated. A 100% match is an identical segment.

Fuzzy matches are similar but not identical segments. The translator can accept the identical segments and work on the similar segments. These sometimes require only a little bit of work.

Translation memories create consistency and save time & money

The use of a TM ensures consistency of terminology throughout the text, since the same translation of terms is used throughout. Reusing terminology also saves time and can, therefore, reduce the costs of your translations.

At Fasttranslator.com, our translation memories are set up by language pairs (English-Spanish; German-French, etc.) We also have client-specific TMs set up for individual clients. That way, we can ensure consistency in your translations and guarantee you the highest quality possible.

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