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Most Koreans speak English, but when it comes to important business or official documents (such as birth certificates that require certified translations), a professional translator is necessary. If the source texts exist in French, they shouldn’t be translated into English, but directly into Korean.

Show your appreciation to business partners and customers by communicating in their native language. We assist you with high quality translations from French into the Korean language (and vice versa). Of course, we translate virtually all language combinations, should you need translations into or from languages other than French or Korean.

Why our customers are so satisfied

Translation services are offered everywhere and can now even be done with Google Translate. However, the resulting translations are not suitable for use in business. The translation of a contract or expensive software requires a professional translator. This translator not only has to be a native speaker, but also possess the corresponding subject matter expertise. This is why we only employ exclusively native speakers who exhibit relevant knowledge in specific subject areas.

There’s a reason our name is Fasttranslator

In communication, speed is crucial. If you have to wait a long time for a translation, another company might get your business. Of course, translation quality can’t be sacrificed for the sake of speedy processing. For this reason, we work with translators who are both accurate and quick.

If you require a translation particularly fast, just use our Express service. In these cases, we usually use teams of translators who translate your document in sync with each other, so you can reach your goal faster.

Call us, or send us the text to be translated via email. After conducting an analysis of the text, you will receive a free, no-obligation quote as soon as possible.


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