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Let your project be translated by our chemical experts, and you will benefit from consistent and professional translation of your safety data sheets and other materials in the field of chemistry.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are a vital part of the chemistry industry. They regulate the process of handling dangerous chemicals for commercial or professional users on a uniform basis. When MSDS are to be translated into a different language, it can be a challenge for the average translator. In order for these documents to be precise, the translator must have extensive knowledge of chemistry.

This is why we work exclusively with native-speaking translators who have relevant knowledge in the field of chemistry in addition to their academic language training. They know the specific chemical terminology, can follow the content, and can accurately relay it in the target language. This ensures that you are complying with OSHA regulations, as well as global regulations and standards.

As an additional safety precaution, we have the text proofread by a second translator.


Translations of safety data sheets are charged at our most common rate, which is $ 0.15 per word. When translating more than one MSDS, or when updating old ones, we apply discounts for repetitions. Because we store previous translations into Translation Memory files, these discounts can be very high. You benefit from the fact that we've translated thousands of these documents before. This only applies when the documents are in an editable format like Word or PDF.

The translation of safety data sheets is subject to special guidelines for your own safety and that of your employees, so the translator must possess the relevant chemical and legal knowledge in addition to his/her training as a translator.

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Our translators work for us from all over the world. We take advantage of the time differences, which often allows us to provide you with professional translations “overnight.”


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