Customer Loyalty 2018

We are proud that 78% of our customers become repeat customers. This is due to our knowledgeable and accessible project managers. Over the past decade, we have been able to save our customers millions of dollars by creating and reusing customer-specific translation memories. On repeat translation work, we typically achieve an average of 10% to 30% savings for our clients.

We work with customers in virtually every market segment who are looking to communicate internationally. Companies come to us because they know that we are an established provider of specialized translations into all European languages and beyond Europe. Our clients appreciate our ability to facilitate communications between businesses and their partners and customers at a reasonable cost.

Company Overview

FastTranslator has been in business since 2000. Our business model relies heavily on our strong foundation in technology and an emphasis on customer service. For the past 15 years, we have distinguished ourselves as an expert translation services provider.

Image of Erwin Vroom

Erwin Vroom, CEO, is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations, sales, and marketing of the company. It was his idea to start an Internet-based “one-stop shop” for translation and localization services. His professional background in retail and technology allowed him to identify the need for an online translation service as early as in 2000.

Image of Peter Vlietstra

Peter Vlietstra, CTO, is responsible for the design and development of our websites/web shops and highly scalable multi-country telephony solutions. He is also in charge of the development of our integrated operationally scalable administrative, project management, and invoicing systems, which are used in all of our offices throughout the world. Peter received his degree in Computer Science in the UK.

Image of Wouter Vroom

Wouter Vroom, CFO, is responsible for financial logistics. He has a strong background in domestic and international auditing and taxation, transaction taxes (sales, VAT, GST), international corporate income taxes, and state, local, and franchise taxes for online business services. Wouter is part of our Executive Board of Management that oversees FastTranslator’s global operations.

Image of Yvonne Kraft

Yvonne Kraft, Senior Manager DACH Teams in Europe, joined Fasttranslator in 2005. She is responsible for our expansion in the German and French-speaking markets and contributed to the establishment of the company’s strong presence there. Yvonne is part of our Executive Management Board.

Image of Jos Fuchs

Jos Fuchs, Senior Manager Dutch, Belgian, and Nordic Teams in Europe, joined Fasttranslator to boost expansion in our traditional markets. He is a 15-year industry veteran, and has worked in both operations and sales management. Jos is part of our Executive Management Board.

Timeline and Important Milestones

2000 (September) Launch of

2002 (August) Completion of our project management system “Atlas”

2003 (July) 1,000th translation request

2004 (January) Milestone: 1 million USD previous year revenue

2005 (January) 100th language “Sinhalese” added to portfolio

2005 (June) 10,000th translation request

2005 (June) 1,000th translator added to our database of professionals

2006 (January) Milestone: 2.5 million USD previous year revenue

2006 (September) 2,000th translator added to our database of professionals

2008 (March) 50,000th translation request

2008 (September) Incorporation of German subsidiary Schnellübersetzer GmbH

2008 (January) Milestone: 6 million USD previous year revenue

2010 (March) 100,000th translation request

2010 (August) 5,000th translator added to our database of professionals

2010 (May) FastTranslator ranked 8th on the list of largest translation agencies (Western Europe) by Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

2010 (December) Incorporation of Swedish subsidiary Sverige AB

2011 (September) Incorporation of Belgian subsidiary Snelvertaler BVBA

2012 (January) Milestone: 10 million USD previous year revenue

2012 (July) 166th language “Filipino” added to portfolio

2012 (November) 200,000th translation request

2013 (June) FastTranslator ranked 59th on the list of 100 largest Multi-Language Vendors worldwide

2013 (December) FastTranslator chosen to become part of the team that set out to design the new EN standards for professional translations

2014 (February) Launch of the first web shop in the world dedicated to selling certified translations outside office hours in the United States, Germany, Spain and Canada

2014 (February) 250,000th translation request

2014 (September) Launch of Danish web shop for certified translations

2015 (January) Launch of Canadian French website for customers in Quebec

2015 (January) Launch of new US website in Spanish

2015 (April) 300,000th translation request

Translation Projects Completed in 2018








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*Explanation: in 2018, 591 return clients ordered three translations.


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