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Specialized knowledge in the fields of chemistry, biology, and physics is important for the translation of pharmaceutical documents. To ensure the quality you deserve, we assign the translation of your medical texts to academically trained translators who have acquired subject matter expertise in pharmacy science.

Of course, these translators are also professional language specialists. How can we promise such unique translators? We have a very large network of translators around the world, many of whom translate as a second job and primarily work in medical fields. They are native speakers with extensive knowledge of pharmaceutics in your target country. As a result, we can meet your stringent requirements and expectations.

We translate drug information leaflets, application software, and other documents with ease. Choose your language combination from over 150 languages.

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Terminology management and creation of terminology databases are also among the daily tasks of our project managers. This means that your documents will be consistent throughout, and we can even offer you a discount when text is repeated and does not have to be translated more than once.

Contact our project managers today via email or phone, and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote for the expert translation of your pharmaceutical text.


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