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The English and Portuguese languages are both languages which are highly important worldwide. The historically established importance of these two European languages appears in every field of human endeavor. This is true whether speaking of cultural or economic interactions. You can clearly see the importance of translation work by translators from Portuguese into English within the context of economic and political developments. This is in no small part because Brazil plays an increasingly important role in global affairs as the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. While Portuguese is not as widespread as Spanish or English, more and more international companies benefit from employees with an in-depth knowledge of Portuguese. After all, more than 180 million people in the world speak this Iberian language. Our competent project managers prefer to explain to the translator the elements of a transcription from Portuguese into English to which he or she should pay attention. You can reach us by phone and email.

Native speaking translators for all areas of business

We always translate your documents with the high quality to which you are accustomed, we work according to the “Native Speaker Principle”. This means that only a native speaker will be assigned your document for translation. It also ensures a precise translation in regard to language as well as cultural characteristics. This is because a native speaker grew up in the country of the target language, and is familiar with all subtleties of the language and culture.

Similarities and differences between the Portuguese and English languages

Under the category of similarities, both languages have similar sentence constructions. So, it is not uncommon that a sentence in Portuguese (both Brazilian and European Portuguese) has the same syntax as in English. Many words of Portuguese are spelled identically to their counterparts in the English language. Mostly, these are words which have common roots in Latin. The Portuguese alphabet has a total of 23 letters. The letters K, W and Y in the English alphabet are missing. In addition, eleven letters of the Portuguese alphabet have diacritical marks, for example, the letter "Ç".

Our translators know the intricacies

Another important difference between these two world languages is the fact that Portuguese is far more flexible with the placement of individual rate elements than English. Although the sentence structure of the two languages is very similar, it is possible to find the position of adverbs, pronouns and adjectives elsewhere throughout a Portuguese sentence than an English speaker would expect to find them. Still, it should be noted that Portuguese has far fewer prepositions than English. To translate Portuguese documents precisely into English, we employ only native English translators. They know the intricacies of the language and always translate your texts into the perfect tone. Give us a try and contact us! We are looking forward to your call and email!


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