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While Spanish is the official language of Peru, it’s spoken alongside Quechua, the native language of the indigenous people, which has equal footing under the law.

Some aspects of Peruvian Spanish have changed when compared to Catalan, the “pure” form of the language, but those differences can be compared to those between British and American English.

When you need translations for the Peruvian market, it’s important that your translator understands the country and the differences in the language. We assign the translation of your documents exclusively to mother tongue translators who live in Peru. In addition to academic translation training, they also possess relevant expertise in various subject areas.

Our team has been trained to handle all topics relating to business relations with Peru. We translate your Spanish translations for economic activities in and with Peru quickly, reliably, and with absolute confidentiality.

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Peru’s Main Economic Focus

Peru is an attractive trade partner in a wide range of areas. An especially large part of Peru’s economic activity is dealing in “rare earth” elements that are essential to the production of electronic devices.

Our translators possess the appropriate mining and ocean freight Peruvian Spanish vocabulary. With our qualified team, we can support you in all business-related activities between your company and Peruvian building contractors, suppliers, architects, and machine manufacturers.


Tourism is another interesting field for economic contact and collaboration with Peru. The country’s goal is to be the number one tourist destination in South America, and it has launched an aggressive marketing campaign to achieve this position.

Our team is at your disposal for all Spanish language questions and requests regarding your business activities in the Peruvian travel industry. We can handle your varied translation needs quickly and reliably. We can translate written templates, such as record logs from conferences and business meetings, in every language.

Official Documents

If you’re a Peruvian living in the United States or applying for immigration status, you might need a translation of your birth certificate or other official document into English for the USCIS. These need to be accurate and certified in order to be accepted. We handle these types of jobs as well on a regular basis.

Whether you’re in need of a personal or business-related translation – large or small – simply contact us for a no-obligation quote. Our project managers can be reached via phone, email, or the form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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