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One Word for One World

Translating Names

Do you need to translate your name into Japanese, Chinese, Hindi or Arabic? Some people need their name translated for a business card, while others want their name translate for a tattoo. You can rely on us to translate your name accurately.

Bear in mind, however, that there is no direct translation for some names into many exotic languages. In this case, the translator must create a phonetic transcription. This is the pronunciation of your name in the other language, which is a common practice when translating names.

The fee for translating a name is $ 60. This price includes a PDF file that you can print and take to the tattoo shop.

An example of this type of file is located here: PDF-file with selection of fonts.

You can email the text to us at email, and we’ll send you more information about translating names for tattoos or other purposes.

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