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Scientific articles often include legal, technical, linguistic, and historical topics. For these articles to be properly translated from one language to another, your translator needs expertise in the field of study. We work together with over 4,200 native translators all over the world and find the right translator for each project. Choose from over 150 languages for your required combination.

Translating Meaning, not Words

For the meaning of a text to be clear, specialized articles cannot be translated word for word. The first challenge involves different sentence structures, such as a different position of the verb within a sentence.

Words that describe specific phenomena or objects may not have the same meaning in other languages. What can be described in one language with one word may require several words in another. Fixed phrases, such as collocations, can also become a trap because they are used differently in all languages. Laws and standards vary in different countries, and this must also be considered in the translation.

How to Translate Citations

Translators must be careful with citations. Is the quote literally copied and translated word for word in the annotation, or is it translated for meaning and style as well? A third language might have been used in an article, and the translator must also take that into account. Indirect quotes are not immediately visible or must be indicated in the language in order to be translated formally and with acknowledgment.

Translation Skills

Translators should not only be familiar with the language of the article but also with the specific vocabulary of the specialist area – in both languages. In order to prevent plagiarism, the translator must know how to identify comments that were taken from other authors. The translator also needs to carefully compare both works so that the translation has no gaps in understanding.

To make sure that we pay attention to all of these potential issues, we work exclusively with native translators who are specialized in their respective subject areas . We not only translate your texts with no orthographic errors, but we also carefully translate the content and meaning.


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