Translations of Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws in All Languages

Do you need a translation of your corporate documentation into American English for the US authorities or perhaps a translation into multiple languages? We have an experienced legal translator available for you.

Professional Translators in All Languages

We work exclusively with academically trained translators who translate into their native language. In addition to their translation studies, our translators have earned qualifications in relevant fields, such as in corporate law. They are familiar with every nuance of the source and target languages and are able to convey your document into their native language with confidence.

All Languages and Areas of Law

We select the best translator for every legal translation assignment. We work with translators around the world who represent the most widely divergent fields. In this way, we take advantage of the time zone differences and can deliver our translations faster than most competitors. We assign the most experienced translator for your specific field, selecting from all imaginable legal specializations.

Confidentiality – You are in the Best of Hands with Us

Of course, you want to know for sure that the documents are in good hands. In matters of confidentiality, you can absolutely trust us. We always handle your data with the utmost care, and our translators are pledged to secrecy. We will gladly supply you with a signed confidentiality agreement.

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