United States

Management Team

Fasttranslator has been in business since 2000. Our business model relies heavily on our strong foundation in technology and an emphasis on customer service. For the past 20 years, we have distinguished ourselves as an expert translation services provider.

Erwin Vroom


CEO, is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations, sales, and marketing of the company. It was his idea to start an Internet-based “one-stop shop” for translation and localization services. His professional background in retail and technology allowed him to identify the need for an online translation service as early as in 2000.

Peter Vlietstra


CTO, is responsible for the design and development of our websites/web shops and highly scalable multi-country telephony solutions. He is also in charge of the development of our integrated operationally scalable administrative, project management, and invoicing systems, which are used in all of our offices throughout the world. Peter received his degree in Computer Science in the UK.

Wouter Vroom


CFO, is responsible for financial logistics. He has a strong background in domestic and international auditing and taxation, transaction taxes (sales, VAT, GST), international corporate income taxes, and state, local, and franchise taxes for online business services. Wouter is part of our Executive Board of Management that oversees Fasttranslator’s global operations.

Jeffrey Vreugdenhil

Manager Human Resources

Jeffrey’s career began in defense and the legal field, followed by a move into HR, initially in the temporary employment sector and later with leading organizations in construction and installation technology. Once nominated as a Young Professional, he has achieved significant professional and personal growth with the guidance of various mentors. Now, working closely at strategic level with the Management Team, he has developed into the HR professional that he is today.