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About Us

Fasttranslator Translation Service specializes in fast document translations to and from a wide variety of languages. We have more than 4,200 professional and skilled translators available, and we guarantee accurate, top-quality translations by native speakers in any language required.

Fast Delivery

Our team is on duty around the clock to deliver quick and precise text translations, including same-day turnaround, if required. Our goal is high quality, accuracy, and on-time deliveries.


The innovative use of online translation technology and low overhead costs allows Fasttranslator to provide translations at competitive prices.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Skill

Our company upholds the highest standards for language translation services. Fasttranslator works only with highly skilled, native translators with proven knowledge and expertise. We hand-select the most capable and appropriate translator for each and every job, and a dedicated project manager keeps everything on schedule.

Easy, Convenient, and Reliable

We make it easy to get quick translations. Send us the text/document to be translated by email, fax, or through our secure website. You will have a free translation quote within the hour at no obligation. Upon your approval, your text will be translated into the target language in any document format and delivered on time to meet your deadline. It’s that convenient!

Confidential and Secure Services

Fasttranslator provides the utmost confidentiality and privacy. We provide non-disclosure agreements upon request and assign these projects only to those translators who have signed an NDA as well.

What Sets Us Apart

Translation is not just about matching word-for-word, and not every translator can translate every text. There are several elements to be taken into consideration that distinguish an acceptable translation from a high quality one.

An important criterion is the right language combination. It isn’t only important for the translator to be a native speaker of a language, but he must also speak the respective professional slang. For example, if you need a text relevant to marketing in Sweden, we will employ a Swedish translator. This translator has grown up speaking Swedish and naturally mastered its unique characteristics. He/she knows the culture and can strike the right chord for your translation.

Still, the language itself is not the only component needed to achieve great results. The translator must also possess the appropriate subject knowledge. After all, a translator is only able to adequately translate a text if he/she is able to grasp its content.

Every one of our translators specializes in one or more subject areas.

Our project managers make sure your project runs smoothly, providing you with guidance from start to finish. They prepare the document for translation and then concentrate their efforts on the appropriate layout.