One Word for One World
One Word for One World

With Fasttranslator to Snelvertaler and then successfully on to Schnellübersetzer, Schnellübersetzer, or even Traductorexprés?

Example of a Finnish Ad in Adwords

Words are generally longer in Finnish than in our language. Standard translations often do not fit a standard ad size. Therefore, it is essential to create an effective translation.

You can use online marketing programs like AdWords if your company intends to sell products or services internationally. A number of requirements must be met in order to be successful in this endeavor. For example, you will need a translated website. After all, a German will not buy your products unless he can read about them on a website that has been written in proper German. Unlike some other nationalities, a German will generally read the entire website before selecting you as the supplier. He usually chooses a supplier for life. Our German translation agency with its own offices in Germany ensures that the visitor to your website is greeted in pure, proper German. This entails more than just simply translating it from one language into another. Let us tell you more about this process!

Example of a German Ad in Adwords

Are you advertising in Germany? Show your corporate structure in the ad. Germans want to know who they are dealing with. GmbH is the equivalent of Inc.

To attract attention to your products, you would be smart to promote your products or services through a marketing program, like AdWords. Our translation agency also grew its international business this way. Fasttranslator Translation Agency, which started out in the Netherlands, has booked more than half of its millions in international sales. We gained market share very quickly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, England and even in France thanks to well-translated AdWords campaigns geared towards each local market.

A visitor to your site is not a customer yet. Many marketers focus their campaigns on so-called clicks on your website. However, a visitor only costs you money. You want paying customers! You need a so-called landing page to achieve this goal. This is a simple web page that matches the displayed ad. The page must contain clear information explaining how the customer can buy the product. Landing pages look different in each country. Landing pages in the US need to be aggressive and convincing in order to entice people to buy your product. However, in Denmark, your text has to be more subtle in listing the advantages of your product or service. We are good at this. Our translators live and work in the local country and think along with you. They will translate your product description in such a way that will convince the local public that they have to buy from you.

Yes, I want to earn high revenues internationally, just like Fasttranslator ...

Of course, we do not have a standard information packet for you. Your advertising texts, landing pages and ad materials require a critical review by our project managers. Only then can we tell you what the costs will be and when you will receive your translations.

Call us, talks to us about your plans and we will help you realize them. You can contact us in United States at one of our commercial translation agencies in New York, Pasadena, Westlake Village, Houston, and Arlington. You can also send us an email.

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